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Drive Traffic to your Business with Augmented Reality Murals

At Electrifly, we’re using augmented reality (AR) murals to create unique customer engagement experiences. Our start-to-finish mural services include everything from artist curation to AR experience implementation.

- Increase traffic -

People will show up, wanting to take selfies, see what your business is about, and is a great conversation starter with your next best customer.

- Create a landmark -

The Statue of Liberty, the Eiffel tower, the Golden Gate Bridge and now you. People will use your business as a way to direct themselves and their friends in conversation. Never be forgotten or blended into the bland boringness of your neighbors.

- Drive more business with AR -

With the Electrifly App and the interactive augmented reality games, riddles, challenges that create loyalty inducing offers & discounts for your customers, you'll be seeing new and customers alike coming in way more.

How it works

We start with an existing art piece or logo, or we collaborate with incredible artists from around the world to create an original Electrifly piece. This serves as the “tracker” that initiates the experience.

We then create an interactive AR experience and offer, from mind-blowing 3D models to sleek branded experiences.

After the animation process is complete, we plug everything into the Electrifly App, enabling it’s AR reactive capabilities.


Let's build your AR Mural!