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 Electrifly Your Art

 Drive Traffic to your Business with Augmented Reality Murals

Electrifly uses AR Murals to create immersive and engaging customer experiences. Our start-to-finish mural services include everything from artist curation to AR experience implementation. 

- Increase traffic -

Create a customer engagement experience that gets the word buzzing about your brand with easily sharable content. These viral marketing campaigns will build your following and keep customers coming back. 

- Create a landmark -

Enable your business to create memorable, one-of-a-kind moments that are fun and easily sharable. Make your business stand out and bring the communities conversation to you. 

- Drive more business with AR -

Create playful experiences that drive loyalty with offers & discounts for your customers. 

How it Works

We start with a unique image that serves as the trigger that initiates the experience. This can be an art piece, logo, or an Electrifly original product.

We then work with our team of digital artists to create mind-blowing and custom-tailored AR experiences with interactive animations, offers, and more!

After this process is complete, we implement the experience into the Electrifly App and bring your art to life!

Let's put Your Mural on the Map!