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Chris Dyer

Reef Diver

The Reef Diver

The Reef - 6640 8 Mile Rd. Detroit, MI


Marvelous Art Car

Tangent Gallery - 715 Milwaukee Ave. Detroit, MI

Chris Dyer is a Peruvian-Canadian visionary artist with roots in the California Skate art industry. Chris is constantly traveling the world and sharing his art and services - teaching workshops and empowering young artists to follow their creative path and share their visual medicine.

Nowadays Chris is exhibiting his work in group and solo shows, and painting large scale murals for international festivals like Art Basel, Montreal Mural -- and at music festivals like Electric Forest, Envision Festival, and Okeechobee. Chris is also creating commercial work for music artists like 12th Planet and Ott, and working with big brands in the skate industry including Deathwish and Santa Cruz Skateboards.

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Denver, CO

Denver Black Box King

Black Box King

The Black Box - 314 E 13th Ave. Denver, CO