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Luke Dekneef

Hands of Peace Augmented Reality Mural
Honolulu, Hawaii

Luke DeKneef is a self-taught artist born and raised on the island of Oahu in Hawaii, USA. Growing up surfing on the north shore, he developed a fascination with waves and the movement of water. Early in his career, DeKneef painted plumeria clusters growing in lush valleys, majestic Hawaiian mountains standing tall at sunrise, and turbulent blue waves cascading on the surface of the ocean. His early works sparked a curiosity for what lives under the surface, where he explored the movement of waves from the ocean floor and the refraction of light under water.

From small canvases to large-scale murals, DeKneef’s art embodies the relationship between humans and the ocean. He uses acrylic and aerosol mediums to create his visions.

Now, DeKneef explores new subjects that stretch his creative thinking. While the ocean still influences his work, he’s developing a passion for a variety of subjects that question our role as caretakers of the planet.